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BePositiveFlow is a directory of free stuff online featuring free samples, coupons, deals and bargins for electronics, computers, health, beauty, travel, clothing, babies, family and more.

How this works

Simply click the "Let's go" button next to each offer and you will be taken directly to the website of the company offering the freebie. From there just fill out their request form, and submit in order to request a sample

Is this real?
What's the Catch?

Yes, this is real. But, the catch is that these companies distribute these samples on a first come first serve basis, and just because you request a sample doesn't guarantee that you will receive one.

Tips and Tricks

Did you know that the more samples you request the better your odds are of getting something? Did you know that you can fill out request forms in just a single click? Well, these are just a few things you can learn in our Tips & Tricks article.

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